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TTRI provides services to a variety of clientele in both the developed and developing areas of the world. They fall into five main categories:


  1. Producer-Clients: communities, governments, business associations, industries, civic groups, and business operators hoping to find or build markets for their goods and services.
  2. Consumer-Clients: consumers, retailers, value-added manufacturers, distributors that directly serve retailers or consumers.
  3. Trade Intermediaries: banks, credit, supply chain elements, and other enablers (see our main presentation for definition.)
  4. Social enterprises: NGO, hybrids and other enabling social enterprises.
  5. Funding sources: foundations, philanthropies, investors.

We are currently in the process of creating a resource library for these different groups to find more effective ways to implement Managed Value Trade.
Transformational Entrepreneurship: Where Technology Meets Societal Impact – Max Marmer – Harvard Business Review


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