MVT Benefits

What benefit do clients and project stakeholders get from our services?

Quite simply, TTRI can help trade and philanthropy get somewhere.  Reaching goals is never easy.  Getting where one wants to be rather than settling for where one “ends up” is key to achieving desired and sustainable results.  By developing markets based on MVT and through the use of innovative technologies like the Universal Development Pods (UDP),, organizations, communities, and counTTRIes can fill transportation voids and bridge institutional gaps that are persistent barriers to resilient trade relations and markets.

The UN estimates that by 2050 the world population will increase by 2.53 billion people.  That’s nearly as many as the total population of Earth in 1950. More dramatic, nearly all the new population growth will be in areas of the globe (poor urban centers, rural villages) that are disconnected from basic transportation networks.  As the world air traffic video illustrates, nearly 70% of the world’s potential markets are under-served by transportation infrastructure that opens up opportunities for economic growth, access to educational technology, or the benefits of adequate healthcare.   Worldwide, the challenge to meet widespread human need is significant.  Working in partnership with TTRI, individuals, organizations and other entities in trade and philanthropy can meet those needs.

What types of technologies are used?