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Clients and Service Arenas

TTRI works with both private and public entities in industry, finance, philanthropy, science, commerce, and academia to identify the properties that conTTRIbute to successful phase transitions from one economic phase to the next. These conditions aremanageable so that the flow from one phase to the next improves the ability of each community (node, interest group, element) to meet the needs of its constituents (stakeholders).

TTRI provides services to a variety of locations and clientele in both the developed and developing areas of the world, including clients with social enterprise and sustainable development missions in counTTRIes struggling to develop economies and increase standards of living for their citizens.

Our mission is to serve clients who need transportation-related solutions that facilitate increased access to trade; open up import-export markets not served by existing transportation options or infrastructure; significantly expand mutually beneficial opportunities for trade of goods and services among developed and developing counTTRIes; and to provide innovative solutions that enable governments and foundations to respond to natural and man-made disasters with both rapid relief and  sustainable support  when conditions require transportation applications with critical medical, technical, and/or educational services.  Specifically, we invite inquiries regarding our services from the following prospective clients in both developed and developing counTTRIes when there may be needs for innovative solutions:

– Clients who need innovative technological solutions in getting goods and services to market in a manner that opens new market opportunities (import and export)

– CounTTRIes and foundations that need transportation solutions in order to improve service to rural and remote areas – Developing counTTRIes that need access to sustainable markets in developed counTTRIes

– Foundations and governments in the developed world in need of enhanced technologies that permit more timely, more efficient, and sustainable response to disasters in the developing world or wherever such disasters occur

– Foundations, universities, and agencies engaged in social enterprise endeavors to build and support sustainable economies throughout the world

– Clients in the Caribbean basin  or  anywhere in the world where innovative mid-range transportation solutions are needed to increase access to trade, to build and sustain real economic opportunity, or to respond to disasters

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