What is MVT and why is it important to sustaining economic growth?

TTRI (Trade & Transportation Research Institute is in the business of identifying and organizing the resources that can realize the promise of global trade. Its operating premise is that TRADE is a natural exchange of resources between communities. If managedproperly, trade can provide each participant with the resources needed to achieve its social and economic objectives.

TTRI proposes to re-examine global trade and identify its essential role and underlying logic. TTRI will use newly applied social research techniques developed in the past half-century to come to a better understanding of how the logic of trade can be restructured to produce better outcomes for humanity. TTRI’s goal, then, is to discover and organize the intermediate logic and mechanisms that constitute Managed Value Trade and produce a global sustainable development system.

Click on this link, TTRI: Managed Value Trade, to view a presentation that describes Managed Value Trade in more detail, as well as reviews Percolation Theory and its role in the dynamics of trade. The research and technological components that are crucial to achieving MVT are introduced and described in some detail. The beneficial effects of MVT cannot be realized without the effective and efficient market connectivity provided by strategic planning and the application of innovative technologies.

The MVT Hub is a great place to learn about Managed Value Trade.