Why Donate?

There’s Good Reason to Collaborate and Donate to TTRI: Partnership with TTRI Makes All Organizations Better!
If your organization shares the Trade & Transportation Research Institute’s vision for a world where solutions for sustainable development are based on the creation of infrastructure that allows both developed and emerging economies to create and earn value from their relationships, then a partnership with TTRI will help you realize that vision.  Together, we can achieve results not likely to be gained without the added value brought to partnerships enhanced by TTRI’s innovative solutions to logistical challenges and its creation of Managed Value Trade across all borders.

We help people and organizations to close or fill institutional gaps and voids. Through action research techniques, we identify attainable, technical and organizational solutions to trade barriers and economic growth.  TTRI identifies technological, logistical and human innovations that bridge the gaps and fill the voids.  TTRI designs and implements surveys; assesses strengths and weaknesses; conducts market analyses; facilitates focus groups of decision-makers, potential partners, scientists, technological and industry experts, and end-users; develops strategic plans; sets up action teams; and evaluates progress made toward goals.  With the information and data gathered from these critical activities and services, TTRI provides reporting that enables collaborating organizations, including our own stakeholders, to make sound decisions with considerably less risk and to achieve desired results in a timely manner.

We invite you to browse our website and become acquainted with TTRI’s vision and services.  Then ask yourself if your organization is more likely to achieve its mission on its own or with the assets brought to it through a TTRI planned and enabled network of partners.

TTRI helps reduce the risk of taking the next step, and every step, by building trust and mutual understanding of the challenges each partner must meet. Learn more about the strategic planning, analysis, and actions that TTRI engages in to create the infrastructure of Managed Value Trade.  We invite individual philanthropists, corporate and private foundations, and other nonprofit organizations to call on us.  Learn how TTRI and Managed Value Trade can increase the impact of your current programs and conserve future resources.

If you represent a foundation, NGO, or government agency with specific program goals and guidelines, we look forward to discussing how we can work together.  We look forward to learning more about your requirements and welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for funding consideration.

TTRI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1995 to seek innovative solutions in transportation and trade between developed and emerging economies.  Since that time, we have developed Managed Value Trade (MVT) as the conceptual foundation for achieving sustainable trade systems that build strong, resilient economies in all regions of the world.

Contact our New York Offices to discuss collaborating with or donating to TTRI to help achieve our shared vision of building sustainable trade and transportation solutions through international partnerships.  Achieving sustainable growth is the keystone of TTRI projects.  Early interest and involvement can lead to future opportunities for investment and enduring partnerships, as well as make “getting there” faster and more certain.