Partnership Development

TTRI, Inc. facilitates the development of partnerships between organizations and agencies that 1.) seek innovative solutions to transportation-related challenges for the purpose of creating new trade opportunities across state and international boundaries; 2.) want to build partnership arrangements that serve as a catalyst for sustainable growth in both developed and emerging economies; 3.) and endeavor to enhance methods of responding rapidly to natural disasters in the developing world in ways that will permit that first wave of relief to be followed by sustainable, long-term support.

Moreover, we work on behalf of our own partners who may have innovative transportation-related technology that may offer solutions to our efforts to build new partnerships among various organizations and agencies. When we can, we work to match the resources of our partners with the needs of new clientele. We recognize that the innovative features of new transportation technology will have a significant impact on efforts to access and build trade as well as to advance the goals of social development.

We welcome inquiries from potential partners with innovations to share and/or are interested in discussing the services TTRI provides to assist in building new sustainable partnerships in transportation and trade.